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Flight Security

On the average there are up to 35-40 acts of unlawful interference in the world aviation activities every year. Some 70% of them are un­lawful seizures, the rest are in-flight attacks, attacks on ground facili­ties, and unlawful acts against the safety of civil aviation.

ICAO is developing an aviation security training program composed of a series of standardized training packages designed for global appli­cation. The first such package, designed for airport security personnel, has been distributed to all contracting states and relevant international organizations. The further standardized training packages address avi­ation security management, aviation cargo and mail security, airline security training programmes, and aviation security instructors.

The next major challenge facing aviation security professionals is the deployment of the explosives detection system (EDS) to combat the current terrorist threat of aircraft bombings. The first new technology in the aviation security field since the introduction of metal detectors and X-ray systems, the EDS is aimed at screening 100 per cent of aircraft hold luggage. The goal is to reduce the risk of aircraft bombings in the same manner that metal detectors have helped prevent hijackings.

The explosives detection system is the total security system that prevents explosive devices from boarding aircraft. Security profession als are concerned with its ability to keep aircraft safe from bombings, while airports and airlines are concerned that its introduction may disrupt their timetables and operations. Explosives are likely to be well concealed among the usual items that passengers pack, and it takes a lot of time to detect them.

Answer the questions.

1. How many acts of unlawful interference in the world aviation activities happen every year?

2.What types of unlawful interference take place most frequently?

3.What is 1CAO presently developing?

4.What kind of packages does this program consist of?

5.Whom does the first such package address?

6.What is the aim of the further standardized training packages?

7.What is the next major challenge facing aviation security professionals?

8.What is the EDS aimed at?

9. What is the goal of introduction of this new detection technology?

10.What does the notion of the total security system imply?