Speaking about preferences

Артикль не употребляется

1 – с существительными во множественном числе для отнесения к разряду (там где с единственным числом употреблялся бы “a”)

We are students

2 – с существительными в обобщённом смысле (можно заменить на

«любой», «любые»)

Hares like carrots Libraries are available now in the Net

3 – в устойчивых выражениях

at school, at home, go home, come home, to have breakfast, for dinner

№ 16 While the auto waits (after O’Henry)

1 __ girl in grey came again to that quite corner of 2 __ park. She sat down on 3 __ bench and began to read 4 __ book. She had come here at 5 __ same hour on 6 __ previous day, and on 7 __ day before that, and there was 8 __ young man who new it. 9 __ young man came nearer. At that moment her book fell on 10__ ground. 11__ young man picked up 12 __ book and returned it to 13 __ girl, saying 14 __ few words about 15 __ weather and stood waiting. 16 __ girl looked at his simple coat and his common face.

“You may sit down, if you like,” she said. “17 __ light is too bad for reading. I should like to talk”.

“Do you know,” he said, “that you are 18 __ finest girl I have seen.”

“Whoever you are,” said 19 __ girl in 20 __ icy tone, “you must remember that I am 21 __ lady.”

“I beg you pardon,” said 22 __ young man, but – “

“Let's change 23 __ subject. I come here to seat because it is here that I can be near the masses of people. I speak to you because I want to speak to 24 __natural man. Oh! You don’t know how tired I am of all these – 25 __dinners, 26__ trips, 27__ parties. I am tied of 28 __pleasure, of 29 __travel.”

“I always had 30__ idea,” said 31__ young man, “that money can be 32 __ very good thing.”

“When you have so many millions! 33 __theatres, 34__ balls, 35__ suppers! I am tired of it,” said 36 __ young girl.

37 __ young man looked at her with 38 __interest. “Sometimes, continued 39 __ girl, I think if I ever loved 40 __ man I would love 41 __ simple man. What are you?”

“I am 42 __ very simple man. But I hope to rise in 43 __ world. I work at 44 __ restaurant.”

45The girl drew back. “I’m 46 __ cashier at 47 __ restaurant you see there with that brilliant electric sign.”

The girl looked at her watch and rose. “Why are you not at 48 __work?” she asked.

“I am on night shift,” said 49 __ young man, “may I hope to see you again?”

“I don’t know. I must go now. Oh, there’s 50 __dinner and 51 __ concert to-night. Perhaps you noticed 52 __ white auto at 53 __ corner of 54 __ park when you came?”

“Yes, I did,” said the young man.

“I always come in it,” 55 __ girl said,” 56 __ driver is waiting for me there. Good night.”

“But it is dark now,” said young man. “May I accompany you to 57 __ car?”

“You will remain on 58 __ bench for ten minutes after I have left.”

And she went away. 59 __ young man looked at her elegant figure while she was going to 60 __ entrance of 61 __ park. Then he rose and followed her. When she reached 62 __ park gate, she turned her head to look at 63 __ car, then passed it, crossed 64 __ street and entered 65 __ restaurant. A red-haired girl left 66 __ cashier’s desk and 67 __ girl in grey took her place.

68 The young man walked slowly down 69 __ street. He got into 70 __ white car and said to 71 __ driver: “Club, Henry.”



How would you describe a person who

1- likes to talk with other people?

2- looks on the bright sight of things?

3- gives his or her property free to other people?

4- looks on the black sight of things?

5 - avoids communicating?

6 - never lends money?

7 - has a high opinion of himself and low of others?

8 - easily flies into a rage?

9 - tells the truth to others

10 - is practical in approach to life?

11 - never praises himself?

12 - is dreamy in approach to life?

What would you think of the person who says

1 - Ladies first!

2 – I can’t control myself when I should keep quiet

3 – I’m not easily put off if I have made up my mind

4 – Darling! I am never crossed with you, be it clothes, money, a car

5 – I always feel sorry with people who are in trouble

6 – I just love cucumbers with milk, Picasso’s paintings and faces with freckles

7 – I have got used to twelve hours work every day

8 – Whatever you may ask me to do for you, I will do it

Guess the animal bee, cat, cricket (сверчок), dog, dog, donkey, fox, owl (сова)

As cunning as a ___, as busy as a ___, as obstinate as a ____, as wise as an ____, lazy _____, jolly____, as merry as a______, as melancholy as a____

Describe with three traits your ideal friend, chief, neighbor, wife, husband, tell which trait you can’t put up with

“This person should be ___, ____, ____” “This person shouldn’t be ___, ____, ____”

сheerful, merry - весёлый bore - скучный calm - тихий composed уравновешенный hot/quick/short-tempered вспыльчивый (dis)obidient (не)послушный еasy-going – легкомысленный touchy обидчивый arrogant надменный boastful хвастливый modest скромный self-assured – самоуверенный proud – гордый quick-minded, bright – сообразительный smart – толковый witty – остроумный wise – мудрый deep – увлечённый gifted – одарённый ordinary –заурядный awkward – неуклюжий, неловкий timid – застенчевый оbstinaate –упрямый stubborn – упорный persistent – настойчивый amiable – дружелюбный faithful - верный frank – откровенный honest – честный sincere – искренний sympathetic – сочувствующий (un)reliable – (не)надёжный sociable – общительный cunning – хитрый gentle – мягкий, учтивый rude – грубый kind – добрый wicked – злой generous – щeдрый, великодушный greedy – жадный Industrious – трудолюбивый lazy – ленивый Idle – бездельник Worldly практичный

Speaking about preferences

больше more представьте себе let's face it
возможно/не возможно it’s possible/impossible преимущества аdvantages
думаю, полагаю I believe придётся – не придётся have to – haven’t to
Какой смысл? What's the point for__? разумно – не разумно it's reasonable/ unreasonable
лучше - лучший better – the best сомневаюсь I doubt
мало – меньше books few – fewer соответствовать¸ подходить match, suit, fit
мало – меньше time little - less стоит – не стоит it's worth doing/it isn’t worth
на самом деле the truth of the matter is считается it is considered
недостатки disadvantages уверен/абсолютно уверен I am sure/ I'm pretty sure
нет смысла There is no sense to удобно it's convenient
полезно/ бесполезно it’s useful/ useless хуже - худший worse – the worst

1) Choose the statement you strongly agree and give your arguments for it.

2) Choose the statement you strongly disagree and prove your opinion.

A - Making mistakes in English is OK as long as people understand you.

B - My friends should come from the same social background as I do.

C - It is impossible to have a happy family life and a successful career.

D – Lecture is an obsolete way of training. We can read the same in books or the Internet.

E – Combining work and efficient university training is possible.

F - Marriage is outdated. There is no need for state or church approval or recognition of a partnership.

G - Quality of life will greatly improve in the future.

H - Teachers give too much homework.

I - Military service shouldn’t be obligatory.

К - The first lessons at universities (9.00 - 10.30) should be abolished.

The way to agree The way to disagree The way to start proving
I believe I consider I reckon I am sure I am pretty sure I doubt that There is no sense Nonsense / ___ is nonsense It's reasonable / convinient Imagine Let’s face ___ What’s the point for___?


Read and explain in your own words or give Russian equivalents to numbers 4 and 5

1 – The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.

2 – A rolling stone gathers no moss.

3 – He who travels west, travels not only with the sun but with history.

4 - When at Rome, do as Romans do.

5 – To carry coals to Newcastle

What is the difference between

- journey

- trip

- voyage

- hiking

- hitch-hiking?

Which type have you had recently?

Tipes of activities

Visiting galleries, museums, historical sites, admiring architecture

Going scuba diving (с аквалангом), scrolling (с трубкой), hiking, kayaking, angling, white-water rafting,

Trying delicious local cuisine

Taking strolls (неторопливые прогулки)

3) - If you could, where would you like to go?

- What sites of interest to visit?

- What kinds of activities to try?

Carl ( ) adventure holiday

Sonya ( ) cultural holiday

Rick ( ) package holiday (по путёвке)

Moria ( ) island holiday

4) In teams make an advertisement of the tour in any country. In your advertisement say about

- Kind of traveling

- Sites of interest to visit

- Kinds of activities

- Means of transport

- Accomodation

- Meals (cuisine)



come (came - come) get (got - got) give (gave - given) go (went - gone) hear (heard – heard) keep (kept - kept) know (knew – known) let (let – let) make (made - made) put (put - put) see (saw - seen) send (sent - sent) take (took - taken) leave (left – left) become (became - become) tell (told - told)

decide develop receive recognize refuse

again against almost already among even except still through though while